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Aspen Falls Indoor Waterfall by Adagio Water Features (AFR1002)

Aspen Falls Indoor Waterfall by Adagio Water Features (AFR1002)

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The two panels of the Aspen Falls water feature are made of natural slate, marble, mirror, or featherstone. The two water surfaces increase the attractiveness of flowing water by two. To assist you enjoy the sound of running water, there are several metal trim alternatives available. The water feature may be easily hung thanks to an EZ install bracket that is provided. If you use distilled water, you only need to clean the water feature every two to three months.
Easy to hang, 50" L x 54" H x 6" D, including colored instructions and hardware for hanging on a sheetrock wall. Weight on the Wall 315 lbs.
What's in this unit:

4 halogen bulbs
smooth river rocks
powered pump
a three-way pull chain that enables you to operate only lights, only water, or both lights and water.

A welded plastic liner prevents leaks, and a special water distribution unit system prevents clogging.
One 110V, 100W wire powers the whole item, and a 90° plug may be hidden under a water feature.
A one-year limited guarantee is included with the sturdy powder coat finish; it is manufactured and constructed in the USA.
Due to their inherent individuality, all marbles are natural and may vary from the image in terms of color and texture.



-Additional Surface, Trim, and Stone selection

-Custom Etched Logo

-Additional Add-ons


  • 50” Wide x 54” High x 6” Deep
  • EZ install bracket makes set-up simple
  • 3-way pull chain allows you to control just the lights or the water, both, or turn the water feature off.
  • The welded plastic liner is double tested and prevents against leakage.
  • A uniquely designed water distribution unit system won’t clog, thus giving you even water flow.
  • Only one cord plugs into the wall and is easily concealed behind the water fountain with a 90 degree plug.
  • Durable powder coat finish on all of our painted metal trim.
  • Fully contained.


  • Hardware to hang on a sheetrock wall
  • LED Lighting and 4 bulbs (GU10)
    • Soft White LED bulbs (2700K-3000K) have replaced all halogen bulbs
  • Polished River Pebbles
  • EZ Installation DVD and printed instructions
  • Electric pump


Water Surface Hanging Weight Shipping Weight
Slate 315 lbs 375 lbs
Marble 315 lbs 375 lbs
Mirror 160 lbs 210 lbs
FeatherStone 120 lbs 165 lbs

Weights are approximates. Due to all stones being natural, they will vary in weight.



Line Drawing - Aspen Falls

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lisa Z.
Love our new Fountain!

“We finally got our fountain installed at our new office and love it! If you get the real slate, it is HEAVY! so make sure you have proper backing in your wall. The sound of the water running down the slate is so relaxing. I am very happy that we got the remote to turn the fountain on and off, as well as the lights. I chose the striped rocks and they look amazing! Very happy with the purchase. It was crated well and delivered quickly! Love that we got to pick our actual slate pieces from the online in stock pictures. Thank you Adagio!”

William F.

I received my order a little bit late but in perfect condition. I love how this one looks so much better than in the picture. It is refreshing to see a fountain inside my very modern looking home. Plus, it compliments the gray, black and white hue of my home. Happy and satisfied customer here :)

Gina L
Great Piece

The waterfall is a nice feature to our lobby.

Robert T

We are very happy with the product. It is the perfect statement piece we had been looking for. Also, the instructions for installation were very good.


For over 2 decades Adagio Water Features has proudly produced high quality, handcrafted water fountains to bring peace and tranquility into thousands of homes and businesses. Whether it is an indoor wall-mounted water feature or an outdoor free standing waterfall, be assured that every portion of the production process is done with the utmost care and concern. Our unsurpassed quality, professionalism and customer service is a result of our passion for Water Fountains.

Transform your home or business into a place of relaxation!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Each water feature ships with all the hardware needed to install it on a wood-studded sheetrock wall. If you have a metal studded, stone, or tile wall, you will need to purchase the appropriate screws and anchors for your wall at a hardware store. 


The water feature runs off of a standard outlet. We recommend if you are placing your outlet behind your water feature that you don’t install a GFI protected outlet. It will be extremely difficult to reset it if it flips.

The outlet can be placed in the center of where you want your water feature. If you have multiple panels for your water feature, you will need to place the outlet in the center of the far left stone. The water features come with a 90 degree plug, so you will not need to recess your outlet.

For ease of turning the water feature on and off, we recommend wiring the outlet to a light switch. This makes it easier to control if it is placed higher than what is easy to reach.


Water features are a natural humidifier. Moving water will evaporate at a greater speed than standing water. You may need to fill your water feature every other day, depending on which water feature you have, how many hours a day you run it, and how hot and humid your location is. You will want to watch your water level each day for the first couple of weeks you run it to see how quickly it evaporates. This should help you know how frequently to fill it. If your water feature starts having small bubbles coming down, your pump is pulling in air and the tray needs to be filled. If you allow your water feature to run without being properly filled it can result in a shorter pump life or pump burnout. You want to fill it before the air bubbles start to appear.


Our warranty covers manufactures defects in parts for 1 year and shipping for the first 30 days. If you have a part that has a defect, we are happy to replace it for you. To read our warranty, click here. You will have two options to get your replacement part.

1 – You can purchase a new replacement part up front and pay for shipping for the new part to you and the old part back to Adagio. You will be sent out the new part right away, along with instruction on how to replace it. You can use the same packaging the new part was sent in to return the old one.  A prepaid label will be included on the shipment for ease of return.

When Adagio receives the old part back, it will be thoroughly tested. If it is deemed defective, a refund will be issued. If you notified Adagio of the defective part within 30 days of receiving your order, a full refund of the part and shipping will be given. If it is outside the 30 days, but within a year, you will receive a full refund of just the replacement part.  If it is not found to be defective, no refund will be issued. You will then have the option of paying shipping to get the old part back if you want it.

2 – You can remove the defective part from your water feature, carefully box it up using Adagio’s packing standards, and ship it to Adagio. When it is received, we will video the testing of the part. If it is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced. If it is not defective, you can pay the shipping to receive the part back. If we are notified of the defective part within 30 days of your order being delivered, we will send a prepaid label to have the part sent to Adagio and, if the part was defective, pay the shipping for the replacement part to be sent to you. If the part was not defective, you will need to pay for the shipping to Adagio and back to you before the part will be returned. 


Each water feature carries a 1 year limited warranty that will replace any defective parts. Due to the difficutly for the consumer in packaging the product, we do not accept returns. We have many help videos and are able to chat, call, and email customers to solve any issues that may arise.

Hand Crafted and Built in America

We take great pride in our quality and attention to detail.

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